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"Preach The Word"

Studies by Dr. Mike Allison
Pastor- Madison Baptist Church

(Permission has been graciously given
by Dr. Allison to use this book on Preachers Corner Org)

"We are living in "loose" days, inside the church and outside the church. If you are a church that has good, Bible based standards, many of the brethren will call you a legalist if you are not an "anything goes" kind of church. The reason they do so is they do not understand what true Biblical legalism is. Dr. Allison's book is enlightening in this matter and others. I hope you will read the entire book on the Preacher's Corner." Dr. Tom Walker


Introduction to Preaching Standards-Right or Wrong?  
Chapter One- No More Abominations  
Chapter Two- Legalism- A Smokescreen  
Chapter Three- Understanding I Cor. 8  
Chapter Four- The Unmentionable Abomination  
Chapter Five- New Testament Principles for Dressing  
Chapter Six- Blessed Without Obedience  
Chapter Seven- Holiness- Our Hope for Revival  



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