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Characteristics Of An Effective Pastor

Ephesians 4:11-12

Intro: In this passage of Scripture, we find the
Apostle Paul listing for the church at Ephesus
different roles of service that Jesus had established
for the work of the local New Testament Church. Within
this list is the role of pastor/teacher. Based upon
the vote of this church on Sunday morning, March 31,
1996, this is the role that I am here to fill.

What does it mean to speak of an individual as being
a pastor? The word picture in the Greek that this word
paints is that of a shepherd who leads a flock of
sheep. He guides, protects, and provides for this
flock; even at the expense of his own life if
necessary. The task of a pastor of a local
congregation of believers is no less crucial and
demanding than that of a shepherd. It is a
responsibility that can only be carried out with the
Grace and strength of God.

What is required in order for a pastor to be
effective? What does it take for him to be a true
shepherd? It is my belief that there are at least FIVE
CHARACTERISTICS that a pastor must have in order to be effective. I believe all 5 can be found in the life of
the great Apostle Paul. Let us examine these
characteristics together.

I. He Must Be A Man Of Confidence.
A. In his salvation.(I know whom I have believed)
B. In his calling. (Damascus road experience)
C. In his placement. (Persecution he endured)

I. He Must Be A Man Of Convictions.
A. Concerning salvation.
B. Concerning the Scriptures.
C. Concerning the sanctuary.
1. Proper conduct.
2. Proper dress.

III. He Must Be A Man Of Commitment.
A. To God.
B. To family.
C. To church.

V. He Must Be A Man Of Compassion.
A. Must love God.
B. Must love family.
C. Must love fellowman.
1. Saved.
2. Lost.
D. Must love church.

V. Must Be A Man Of Communication.
A. The message of God's love.
B. The message of God's judgement.


Possessing and living by these characteristics is no easy task for any preacher. The devil desires to shipwreck each and every God called preacher/pastor who would have such characteristics. But, I truly believe it is possible. I also truly
believe it is necessary if the church he pastor's is to make any gains for the Lord. Regardless of the programs, personnel, and possessions, a church MUST have such a pastor for her to go forward. With God's help and your prayers, I hope to be such a pastor.

From Ken Kirkley- Pastor Oak Grove Baptist Church
Landrum, SC - USA

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