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Value of Fellowship

I Chronicles 28:9-12


"And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy Father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off forever. Take heed now;for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong and do it. Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof and of the treasuries thereof and of the upper chambers thereof and of the inner parlours thereof and of the place of the mercy seat, And the pattern of all that he had by the spirit, of the courts of the house of the Lord, and of all the chambers round about, of the treasuries of the house of God, and of the treasuries of the dedicated things."



As stated before, through the Scriptures we should know and understand about the three homes given to man by God Himself. He gave first a family home to our first parents. God wants all to know the joy of having a family home, saved or unsaved; this is the privilege of man. Second, God will give to all who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ a future home in Heaven with Him. Third, to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are redeemed, He not only gives assurance of a future home in eternity but also the privilege of enjoying a fellowship home with saints here on earth, the gathering place for the family of God. I like to refer to this fellowship home as the local assembly or church where we attend regularly. Also we call it "the house of God" (I Peter 4:17).

In this series of messages on "treasures" we will see the vast wealth of treasure in the home of the believer and the vision of the treasure for the redeemed in Heaven. Now the treasures in the House of God, or our local church.

There is no New Testament truth or teaching that did not get its seed teaching from the Old Testament. Romans 15:4: "For whatsoever things were written afore time were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."

We see the price of our Redeemer in the Passover Lamb (Exodus 12). We see Reflections of the Bride of Christ in Rebekah (Genesis 24); the Security of the Saints in the ark of Noah; Refreshments in the Rock in the wilderness (Exodus 17).

Find a blessed truth in the New Testament and no doubt you will find a picture of that truth buried in type or shadow in the Old Testament in a Character, Ceremonies, and even Cities and Creatures of Creation.

Our subject of "Treasures in the House of God" is no exception. What wonderful spiritual pictures are painted by the hand of the Holy Spirit for us concerning the House of God! Every message should start with the primary meaning of any portion of Scripture. This brings enlightment. Then the prophecy, if there is prophecy there, should bring encouragement. And third, we must see the personal or practical application for the spiritual food. This brings enthusiasm in our Christian walk. When anyone follows this simple approach to any Scripture, they will not err in rightly dividing the Word of truth. We will follow this pattern in this study. We will see how the great House of God was built in Solomon's day. Glimpses of prophecy can be seen in the manner it was built, the material used in building, and finally we will see the magnificent treasure in this building, and the man used to build it. This will be covered under these titles:

I. The Structure for the Lord Temple Building

II. The Subject and His Love Treasures Brought

III. The Spiritual Lesson Teachings Believed

Before we look at these three teachings let us look at some of the events and people surrounding this great endeavor to build God a house for His Name. There is first the grand setting as recorded in I Chronicles 28-29. Peace has now come to Israel and the days of David are drawing to a close. As it is in the life of many servants of God, David becomes very busy at the closing of his days. In I Chronicles 28:1, he draws others around him. This great servant has been one with prolific strength over man and beast, yet one with pitiful stains of sin on him. Still he was one with a personal hunger for God. It was David who desired to be satisfied, searched and strengthened by the joy of the Lord. The grievous sin of David was forgiven by grace sublime and here at the close of his life he could praise and adore his God with great feeling as seen in I Chronicles 29:10-19. Here is one of the great prayers found in the Old Testament. He begins his prayer with acknowledging the position of the Lord God, verse 10; attributes of His personal greatness, verses 11-12, "the power," "the glory," "the victory," "the majesty." David sees clearly the Righteousness, Riches, and even the Reign of God over all and over all things. In verse 13 he gives Praise to His Glorious Name. In this verse alone we see Prayer, Personal Thanksgiving and Praise to His Name. Real prayer today will still follow this pattern. Now he will make his petitions known in great humility (verses 15-19).

In David's petition we can see: first the description of the servants (I Chronicles 29:15-18). He, as all God's people who truly want to serve the Lord, sees himself and others as strangers, sojourners and life on earth as a shadow (verse 15). Second, the dependence of the servant is seen in I Chronicles 29:16. All that has been brought to the Lord was given from His hand to begin with. Third, in his petition we see the discernment of the servant. Verse 17: "I know also, my God David knows as we should, that the Lord does deeply impress the heart of His people and he, as we, knows that God does have pleasure when He sees us walking uprightly in this present world having a heart that is willing and a joy or happiness that is real. The prayer closes with the desires of the servant being presented. Verses 18-19, three things he desires: that God prepare the hearts of the servants; to give a perfect heart (or mature heart) to his son, Solomon; and preparing God a house to succeed. Now to our three main thoughts:


I. The Structure for the Lord the Temple Building

Nothing just happens that is very meaningful. Before there has ever been any great achievement there was great planning. Many years of planning and preparing was done before the completion of the temple. So has it been with the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, He is still building or preparing it.

Nothing had ever been built on earth to pattern it after, and nothing would ever be built after it to compare to it. As the tabernacle would picture the Lord Jesus as Saviour and His followers as pilgrims and strangers on the earth, the temple would picture Jesus Christ the Lord and His family permanently in eternity.

Notice how the plans and preparations from this tremendous temple, along with the people who are to build it, are seen in I Chronicles 28:1-21. As we see David in his last days weaken in body, he does as all great men of the Bible have done when their days were numbered.

II. The Subjects and Their Love the Treasures Brought

Let us study these verses found in I Chronicles 28 to see David and his dedication.

(1) In verse one we see his summons. I Chronicles 28:1: "And David assembled all the princes of Israel the princes of the tribes, and the captains of the companies that ministered to the king by course, and the captains over the thousands, and captains over the hundreds, and the stewards over all the substance and possession of the king, and of his sons, with the officers, and with the mighty men, and with all the valiant men, unto Jerusalem."

When Moses approached his last days, he too, assembled great men around him. He wants to inspire them. His message was one of great encouragement. Deu eronomy 31:6-7: "Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them:for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. And Moses called unto Joshua. and said unto him in the sight of all Israel, Be strong and of a good courage:for thou must go with this people unto the land which the Lord hath sworn unto their fathers to give them; and thou shalt cause them to inherit it. "He had spoken to the priest, Levites and especially Joshua. David also would speak to all, but especially to Solomon. The result of speaking to Joshua is recorded in Deuteronomy 34:9:

"And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses has laid his hands upon him: and the children of Israel hearkened unto him, and did as the Lord commanded Moses."

At the closing of Joshua's day he also would gather men around him. Joshua 24:1: "And Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel to She chem, and called for the elders of Israel, and for their heads, and for their jidges, and for their officers; and they presented themselves before God. "He too, would inspire them to follow the Lord in the Promised Land. Joshua 24:15: "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Elijah it seems, also wanted to speak to the sons of the prophets before he goes Home by a whirlwind in a chariot of fire (II Kings 2:3).

Even our Lord Jesus gathers men to Himself that He might speak to them the night before He was to suffer and die for our sins. No portion of Scripture is greater than the five chapters that tell of His last night on earth with His own (John 13-17). It is very fitting that David summons these to his side for instruction just prior to his homegoing.

(2) His Spirit toward God and his subjects are seen in verse 2, "Then David the king stood up upon his feet David stands in reverence to the will of God that he will declare concerning the House of God. He now says, "Hear me, my brethren, and my people." "My brethren" whom he loved, "My people" whom he cared for, not soldiers or servants that he commanded.

(3) His Sword (verse 3). David had been allowed of God to have the plans for the temple, even allowed to make preparation for its building. But he was not given permission to build it. It was not to be built by a sword or a man of war.

(4) His Service. Although he was not permitted to build this temple, he was still a picture of one greater than Solomon. Verse 4: "Howbeit the Lord God of Israel chose me before all the house of my father to be king over all Israelfor ever:for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler; and of the house of Judah, the house of my father; and among the sons of my father he liked me to make me king over all Israel." His kingdom here is said to be "forever." This could only be a prophecy of Jesus Christ. Only the throne of Christ could be forever. Hebrews 1:8: "But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, 0 God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom."

(5) His Son Solomon Is Selected (verses 5-7). Here is a true picture of Sovereignty. David had many sons but God chose Solomon to build the temple and he was God's choice to sit upon the throne of Israel. God declares: "I have chosen him." "I will be his father." "I will establish his kingdom forever." Here also we see a glimpse of prophecy of one greater than Solomon. Knowing that Solomon's reign lasted only forty years, we see this had to have One greater in mind whose kingdom would be forever. This again could only be our Lord Jesus Christ whose throne is forever and ever.

(6) His Solemn Charge (verses 8-10). King David would now charge first the servants of the Lord and then Solomon his son. He charges them that they practice all the commandments of the Lord: "Possess this good land and pass it on for an inheritance for their children" (verse 8). In verses 9-10 he charges Solomon his son to do at least three things: First, to Live for the Lord. "And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind." What a shame to see Christians today who think they are living for the Lord by "not doing" certain things. Self restraint without a "willing mind," as was charged to Solomon, holds no spiritual profit. David tells Solomon:

"For the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts." Simply put, live for the Lord out of your heart. God can and does control the imaginations and thoughts of those who want Him to. Second, he charges him to Listen to the Lord. "Take heed now" (verse 10). Third, he charges him to Labour for the Lord, ‘for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong and do it." What a great verse! Simply put, David is saying to Solomon, "You know, Solomon, what the Lord wants. Be strong and get to the task. You need no more to be told the will of God." How I wish that all today who know the will of God would heed these words: "Be strong and do it."

(7) His Sacred Trust (verses 11-21). I can clearly see three things David will entrust to Solomon his son that he himself had received from the Lord through the years as shepherd and king of Israel.

1. A Pattern (verses 11-12). In David's charge to Solomon he instructs him to seek after and serve God. He needs nothing more than the Book of the Law. This was the only rule for his life. But in building the House of God Solomon would need a pattern. No one had ever designed or built a building like this one. As in all things God wanted to build, a pattern was to be given. Notice when God wanted a tabernacle built, He gave a pattern to Moses (Exodus 25). The pattern of the temple given to Solomon called for it to be built on Mount Moriah or Mount Sion. A glorious truth is seen in the last chapter of Matthew. From a mountain He, the Lord Jesus, would give the Great Commission showing how the church would be built. Matthew 28:18-20: "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, lam with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen." This building is still being constructed. Faithful servants are still going into all the world preaching the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each one who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ is added to His Church, His Building, His Bride, His Body.

David could not change the pattern, no more than Moses could change the tabernacle pattern which was heavenly. Noah must build the ark according to the pattern given by the Lord. I promise you, God will never change the pattern of the church construction. His pattern will always be the same, so will the price, the proclaiming of it, and the purpose of it. As the temple was to glorify God*s Name on earth for a season, the church will glorify His Name on earth and in eternity forever. Ephesians 3:21: "Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."

2. The People were given to Solomon.

Verse 21: "And, behold, the courses of the priests and the Levites, even they shall be with thee for all the service of the house of God: and there shall be with thee for all manner of workmanship every willing skillful man, for any manner of service: also the princes and all the people will be wholly at thy commandment." The House of God was not to lack anything or anyone to bring maximum glory to God. I think it could still be like this in our day if we all were led of the Spirit of God in our Christian walk. The Ministry would bring souls to Christ, Music would bring honor to the Lord, Money would be given with a happy spirit, Members would come together with no division, each knowing the will of God for their lives.

3. The Precious Treasure was given to Solomon for the House of God. I Chronicles 29:3: ‘Moreover, because I have set my affection to the house of my God, I have of mine own proper good, of gold and silver, which I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house." What a testimony of David! He gave because he could say, "I have set my affection to the house of my God." What an example David was to others in respect to giving to God's House. He gave three thousand talents of gold, seven thousand of silver all because he had set his affections on the House of God. How sad today to see some local church in dire need of repair: roofs patched, carpet torn, yards need care a general rundown condition. This ought not to be. No one can ever persuade me that their affections are to God and God's House that will allow the House of God to suffer need and not supply them. We know that God does not dwell in brick and wood today, but neither does God want His people to be negligent in containing the House of God or the local church building or assembly.

We all should ask ourselves the question asked by David in I Chronicles 29:5: "And who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord?" We should also respond as these whom David asked (verses 6-9). They responded in giving their talents, their treasures and they gave themselves. This response brought, as it always does, rejoicing. Verse 9: "Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they offered willingly to the Lord: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy."

All these thoughts have been in regard to the Temple of Solomon, called the House of God, and the treasures of the servants brought to the House of God. Now our concluding and practical thought on the:

III. Spiritual Lesson- Teaching For Believers

  The treasures were literal in Solomon's day, and so are they today. I know the treasure then was gold and silver, precious stones and other things of great value. The treasure is different today in God's House as we know it.

The House of God today may be a very small building or it could be very large. It could be in a busy city or in a small community. It may have cost much to build it or it could be very simple and in some people's eye even unattractive. Yet, still it is to us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and worship Him in spirit and in truth, the House of God.

Here in God's House are many treasures for us to enjoy. The Message of the Scriptures, the Ministry of the Spirit, the Memories of the Saints these are things the world could never give. They are to be found only in the House of God.

Let me bring to a conclusion this particular message by showing three great treasures in the House of God:

(1) The Word to Which We Look. I wonder, do we ever think of the WORTH of the Word of God? How profitable! It is to be desired more than silver and gold. Psalm 19:10: ‘More to be desired are they than gold, yea. than much fine gold: sweeter also than the honey and the honeycomb." It is sweeter than honey (Psalm 119:103). In Psalm 119 alone we see that we are to: Heed the Word (verse 9); Hide the Word in our hearts (verse 11); Honor His Word (verse 16); Hope in His Word (verse 114); find Happiness, or to rejoice in His Word (verse 162). Jeremiah tells us His Word was "the joy and rejoicing of mine heart" (Jeremiah 15:16).

The Word of God gives Life to the Perishing (I Peter 1:23); Light for the Path (Psalm 119:104). The Saint is to Desire the Word (Psalm 119:104; I Peter 2:2). Job desired the Word more than his necessary food (Job 23:12). The Servant is Directed by the Word (Psalm 119:33). The Saved are Delighted by the Word of God (II Peter 3:3-5). Last, Satan will be Destroyed by the Word of God. Revelation 19:13: "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God." Revelation 20:10: "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever."

Then there is the WEALTH of the Word of God. We get our sight, strength and stability from the Word of God. Abraham Lincoln was asked when found kneeling, "Sir, what are you doing?" He replied, "I am profitably engaged in reading the Bible, God's Word.  I know by reason and by the rest it gives, and by faith."

When we receive the Word we become heirs of God, joint heirs with Jesus Christ. When one rejects the Word of God they harden their heart. If repentance never comes to their hearts then Hell will be their destiny.

The worth, the wealth, and last the WONDER of the Word. It is our food for strength, our sword for battle, light for the path, shoes for our feet and a helmet for our head. It can never decay, be destroyed nor defeated, for it is forever settled in Heaven! Forever, 0 God, give us this treasure!

(2) The Work in Which We Labour. "Son, go work today in my vineyard." Our work for our Lord Jesus is a "work of  faith and labour of love, "I Thessalonians 1:3. We are not driven to His fields but willingly we go because there is a desire planted deep in our hearts to serve Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.

Lord, take thy servant weak and thin,

Move through him like a mighty wind

To spread the Seed on fertile ground

To free the lost who are inward bound.

Anoint his eye, Lord, let him see

How fast the night will fall,

And lips to sound the message clear

That Jesus died for all.

                             By   C.L. Roach

To serve the Lord in any area is a great treasure here with great dividends in Heaven. Before I came to know Christ many things would interest me for awhile. Nothing could hold my interest for a long period of time. I can honestly say that from the day I was saved until this moment of time, all I have ever wanted was to serve Him and one day hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

The work of God on earth, what a treasure given to any who will "take up their cross and follow him." God never gave His work to the world. He gave it to His Redeemed Church. No one in the Body is excluded. He has given all something to do. Ephesians 4:7-8: "But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men."

There is not one redeemed soul without a measure of grace to fulfill the gift given by Christ to complete the mission of His church here on earth. Remember the treasure is not how much or how big your work is but how faithful you are in knowing and doing the will of God with great contentment and happiness.

(3) The Workers Whom We Love. The older we grow the more we realize what treasure we had and have in the "fellow labourers" in Christ. The Lord calls us "fellow citizens with saints and of the household of God" (Ephesians 2:19). We are also called "fellow heirs" (Ephesians 3:6). Paul tells the Corinthians that we are "fellow helpers" (II Corinthians 8:23). To the Thessalonians we are ‘fellow labourers" (I Thessalonians 3:2).

We sometimes fail to realize the true wealth of our brothers and sisters in the Lord: their Presence when we need Someone, their Prayers for us when we Stumble, their Personal concern for us when we Suffer. I think we could all improve in the area of being a blessing to others who are fellow labourers with us in the work of Christ.

The memories of those gone on to be with Christ are great treasures. I try to remember the servants of the Lord who encouraged and helped me when I was struggling. It seems I can almost remember word for word their conversations with me. The memories of those who preached and taught me, the memories of those who I was privileged to pastor and teach. I can almost hear them praise the Lord again as they did in those days gone by. I can almost see the tears on their faces as a truth from the Word of God brought comfort from some fear or distress. One day it will not be memories anymore. He will "make up His jewels." All will be together then. Christ will have all His trophies of grace with Him His Treasure, His Pearl of Great Price, His Church.

The treasures of the world seem to be the wealth of gold; the treasure of the Saints is the will of God. Our prayer should be, "Lord, help me to understand true treasure and that it can be found in the House of God in the Word to which we look, the Work in which we labour, and the Workers in whom we love."



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