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What Being A Christian Offers

Text: Acts 11:26
Someone is offering everyone something today if they will join their bank, club, etc. Everyone it seems is asking, "What will I get out of this?"   Even churches are advertising, "Best educated preacher in town---largest choir---or fasting growing this or that."  The bottom line for the church is to win souls to Christ.  I am going to preach on what being a Christian offers you.   There is a three-fold reason for doing so:

1. Our departure from the earth is sure--(ones left need to know).
2. The deceiving power of Satan (2 Cor. 4:4).
3. The darkness some who are saved are walking in daily (2 Pet. 1:4)

A little boy, father hearing his dad explain what a Christian is, asked this question--"Dad, have I ever seen one?"

There are many definitions as to what a Christian is--for instance:
1. Christendom-  All systems of religion, that names Christ--- Confirmed and joined to one who accepts a creed or has been baptized
2. Moralist- There are those who are honest, sincere, and live by the golden rule.
3. Modernist- They deny a man is lost---declaring that all people will be saved.
4. Cultist- They say all who embrace their teaching is a Christian.
5. Hollywood- However you see God to be is OK.

What does the Word of God say? Let's consider three verses:
1. Acts 11:26- Definition---Christ resemblance
2. Acts 26:28- Defied--Agrippa--Christ has his rightful place.
3. 1 Pet. 4:19-  Despised--Christ and His righteousness.

First, being a Christian does no offer you the following , but joining a church will offer you:
1. A way out of discussing you soul with concerned Christians.
2. A name to give to hospitals so if you should go, you will not be embarassed.
3. Something to discuss---always something or someone at church.
4. A place for your wedding or funeral.
5. The services of the church--after all, aren't they suppose to serve us?
Now here is what being a Christian really offers you:

I.  A Proven Person -Many counterfeits have come and gone.
A. Cults pass away in confusion. There are so many of them today.
B. Christ is the proven one. He is eternal.
    1. His continuance- Christianity can't die because He cannot die.
    2. The changes that He has made in people's lives, love and lips.
         Illustrate by mentioning men whose lives were changed forever:
         Billy Sunday, Saul, Sam Jones, etc.
    3. His church is still standing (Matt. 16:18).
    4. His church (His bride) is still singing.
    5. The church is still secure.  Though the church of Rome has changed
        several times, the true doctrine hasn't changed.
    6. The  church is still shining in the world.  The light has not gone out.

II. A Plan For You
    It includes the following:
A. A Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) (Phil. 2:12)
B. A Comforter who will never leave you (Rom. 8).
C. A Cross at which you die daily (Gal. 2:20).
D. A Continual City (Heb. 11:4).
All of these are voluntary -"If any man will."
All of these are missionary- "Follow me."

III. Peace Concerning Life and Death
A. Peace in the storms, service and in sickness.
B. In either life or death we can magnify our Lord Jesus (Phil. 1:20).
C. In either there is no mystery.
    1. Saved go to be with the Lord (Phil. 1:23).
    2. Lost go to eternal torment (Luke 16).
D. In either man is no master (Job. 1:21).

IV. Perfect Knowledge of the Best of Life
A. Men pay to get into lodges.  They call it the good life.
B. Master directs the Christian's life. Inteview Legion--blind boy--one now a respected man and father---the other seeing eternally---put out of synagogue and religion but to follow Jesus was his great desire. Glory!

V. Present and Future Rewards  (2 Pet. 1:4)
What are some of the "exceeding great promises?"
Sting of death gone- sure inheritance- security- sins are forgiven.
A. Happiness Here
B. Heaven There With Him
C. Hallelujahs Forever

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