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Some People Who Disappeared

    Missing people always make news.  Thousands are still missing never to be heard of again.  Through the years there have been many great mysteries concerning missing people.  A list of these might been Gleen Miller, Jimmy Hoffa, military men and women, etc.  Some went to the corner store, there were reports of Russians missing in space, cities have disappeared such as Pompeii, Colosse,and Gadara.  There have been planes and ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
    In out text is one. Matthew tells us there were two demonic men.  Luke tells us of only one. What happened to the other one?
Did he forget?
1. His deliverance? (2 Pet.2:8-9)
2. Was he afraid he would be asked to follow the Lord?
3. Did his family influence him or interfere?  (Luke 9:6)
4. Did the men in the hog business frighten him?
5. I do not know what happened to him--neither do you.  He just disappears.
I want to look at five who disappeared in my message today.
1. One who disappeared into the ground (Numb.16:1-38)
2. One who disappeared in grief (Ruth 1:14-15)
3. One who disappeared into God's chariot (2 Kings 2)
4. Nine who disappeared with no gratitude (Luke 17:17)
5. Multitudes who disappeared to meet God's Son (1 Thess.4:13-18)
I. Korah
The cause was deliberate rebellion (Numb.16:1-38).  His name means "ice."
His heart was never warmed by good things God had done through Moses.
A. His Parents (v.1)--"Izhar" which means "oil"
B. His Potential (v.1)
    1. Had instructions as a Levite
    2. Had intelligence
    3. Had influence (v.2) (over princes or men of position)
        Over Dathan (high father)  Abrim (high place)
C. His Pitiful Plan (vv.2-3)
    1. His rebellion (Some will always follow.)
    2. His remarks (v.3)
    3. His rebuke (vv.9-10) (good preaching verses)
    4. The refusal of his followers (vv.12-14)
D. His Plunging Into The Pit (v.33)
    1. Surety of God's judgment (v.28-30)
    2. Swallowed alive (vv.31-33)
       a. Was unexpected (v.31)
       b. Was complete (v.33)
       c. Was different (vv.29-30) 
II. Oprah   
Ruth 1:14-15 ---Relatives and religion left--
A. Her Disappearance-- The last time seen weeping, walking away from Ruth and Naomi.  She is never mentioned again.     
B. Her Death---Somewhere in Moab.
    Moab means "under judgment"--Nothing green there--
C. Her Destiny---To forever regret her decision to live there.
III. Nine Lepers- (Luke 17:17)
They did not return to give glory to God.
IV. Elijah- (2 Kings 2:1-18)
A. His Past Consisted Of:
    1. Courage
    2. Conflict
    3. Collapse
    4. Complete Recovery
B. His Present Day Teaching
    1. To worship God--not Baal no matter how outnumbered--
    2. To wait on God--even if the brook runs dry--
    3. To walk with God till the breaking of day---
V.  His Church-  1 Thess.4:13-18--The rapture of the saints--

A. Admonition- (v.13)
B. Advent- (v.14)
C. Awakening (vv.15,16)
   1. The shout has to do with the church.
   2. The voice of the arch-angel has to do with Israel.
   3. The trumpet has to do with the Gentile nations.

We sing, "It Could Happen In A Moment"--- or---"I'm Getting Ready To Leave This World"---Are we just singing or is our heart "set on things above?"  Can we say, "Even so come Lord Jesus?"

Sermon From Dr. C.L. Roach


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