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"Preach The Word"

Sermons By George B. Duncan

George B. Duncan is a well know speaker and author.  He was ordained in 1937 and was pastor of churches in Carlisle, Edinburg,
and Cockfosters, Scotland.  Beginning in 1947 he was a speaker at the famous Keswick Convention and for many years was the Chairman and President of the Movement for World Evangelization.  He retired from the pastoral ministry in 1977.  He is the author of many books including: 
1. Wanting the Impossible
2. Mastery In The Storm
3. Living The Christian Life
4. Pastor and People
5. The Renewing Spirit
6. Sustained by Joy
7. A Preacher's Life Of Jesus
8. Day By Day
He is a very masterful sermon builder!

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Proving God Mal. 3:10

The Temptation Of Jesus Matt. 4:1

Marks Of Christian Normality Matt. 6:1-18
God's Recipe For Living Matt. 6:33
The Answer To Anxiety Matt. 6:34


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