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"Preach The Word"


Text:  Philippians 2:12-16

Ephesians 1:1-12 – lists five things that the Lord has done for us as
believers :

1.  Achieved for us what we couldn't get by ourselves
2. Admits us into a most glorious place
3. Aids us in our time of need
4. Answers our prayers
5. Assures us of His promises

As a parent, I teach my daughter and train her in the way she needs to live
as a human being.  As a pastor, I teach and train the sheep in the way God
intends for you to live your life as a Christian. Many believe that responsibility ends at salvation, when in fact it increases.  God expects much from us, as He has given us much in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
This evening, I want to look at four things that God expects out of every
born-again, blood washed child of God…

I. ABIDE IN HIM – v. 12
Paul acknowledges the obedience (abiding in the Lord) of the Philippian
church – they are doctrinally sound and are operating as a normal, NT local
assembly. – v. 1
By their obedience, both in Paul's presence and away from him, they are
showing that they are truly walking and abiding with the Lord.

A. Abide in Christ only as we meet/maintain the following:
1. Confess all known sin and allow Christ to judge that sin that is in us –
    1 John 1:9
2. Include the Lord in every area and aspect of our lives – James
    Great peril in excluding the Lord from the believers' life!
3. Carrying all burdens and cares to him
.   1 Peter 5:7; Matthew 11:28-30
4. Receiving all wisdom from Him – 1 Cor. 3:19
5. Receiving all life from Him – Luke 9:24
6. Receiving all strength from Him – Ps. 28:7
    Over 60 references in Psalms alone to the strength of God and strength
    from God!

B. We can abide in Christ by working out our salvation
1. Not working for our salvation, but working out our salvation
2. Taking it seriously, and giving it our all
3. 1 Cor. 7:24; Col. 3:23


A. God is the motivating force
1. Not ourselves
2. Not our abilities
3. Not our talents
4. Not our tithes
5. Not our personalities

B. When good happens, the first thing many do is to see what I have done – but Paul tells the folks there at Philippi to realize that the success they were having was the direct result of God being allowed to work in them and through them to accomplish His objectives!

C. Simply put, it is God working in us that will allow us to be abundant, fruitful Christians and churches!

III. ABOUND IN HIM – v. 14-15

A. Abound means to increase, to excel, to be made all the better because of the Lord's goodness and mercy
1. Serve him without complaining – "murmurings"
2. Serve Him without controversy – "disputings"
3. Serve Him without corruption – v. 15a
    Blameless and harmless – be known that way
4. Serve Him as a candle in a darkened room – v. 15b
   Crooked and perverse nation – you are in it!
    Lights in the world – Matt. 5:14-16


A. By holding forth the Word – How does that work?
1. Wins new converts
2. Witnesses of the presence of God in your life
3. Warns others of a coming day of judgment

B. The best way to help someone is to warn them of danger ahead
    Why?  Matthew 7:14 – few will find it otherwise

These are four things that the church at Philippi practiced, and Paul
recognized those things as helping that assembly to be what it was for the
Lord. These four things are still needed today – we need folks who will abide in the Lord always; who will acknowledge His impact on their lives; who will then abound and flourish for the Lord; and aid others along the way. The work of living for the Lord is really simple, we just complicate it
many times – are you doing what the Lord expects of you?



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