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"Preach The Word"

Southern Gospel Quartet Classics
The Original Harvesters Began In 1953

Pictured left to right:
Buddy Parker (second tenor)  
Jay Simmons (bass singer)
Bill Hefner (first tenor and manager)
Don Norman (baritone)
Jack Clark (pianist)

The five ORIGINAL Harvesters were founded by Pat Patterson. The names of the five original Harvesters are as follows: Pat Patterson, Herschel Wooten, Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, and David Reese

A very popular group in the 60's and 70's was the Harvesters Quartet from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Bill Hefner, a former Congressman, managed the group for many years. They recorded several LP albums.

We have digitally mastered most of them and put them on Compact Disk. There are some of their greatest songs found on these CD's, which we are making available to you. 

Thanks to Earl Brewer, who has the original Harvester's rights, for allowing me to make these Gospel Music Collectors items available on CD to you. These will provide you hours of blessing and for the older folks, it will allow you to go back in time a few years.

I hope to be able to make all the Former Harvesters material available to you. We are well on our way to making that possible! 

Dr. Tom Walker
President and Founder
Preachers Corner Org. Inc.

Click On The Speaker To Hear A Sample Song:

He'll Pilot Me- The Harvesters

"I Believe In Music"
Stock HA1
Instrumental By Jack Clark

Something Beautiful--Love Lifted Me---There's Just Something-- About That Name---What Jesus Means To Me Medley-- (Jesus Is All The World To Me--Tell It To Jesus---I Must Tell Jesus)-- O Happy Day---I Believe In Music---Bridge Over Troubled Waters-- The Savior Is Waiting---He Looked Beyond My Faults--

"Charlotte's Harvesters"
Stock HA2

Lift Me Up Above The Shadows---Lord Teach Me How To Pray-- The Answer Came---I Stand Amazed---Walk, Talk Sing--- I'll Be Ready To Go---If Jesus Is There---Just Ahead Lies the Jordan--> The Land of Perfect Day---Ain't Nobody Knows---Closer To Thee-- Mama Sang A Song--

"God Is My Shepherd"
Stock Num. HA3

Listen----Wonderful Savior----Wonderful Love----God Made A Way----I'll Leave It All Behind----God Will Bless You All----God Is My Shepherd----I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You----What A Happy Day----Until You Find The Lord----When I'm Alone----Do You Know Jesus--

"TV Requests"
Stock Num. HA4

Child Of The King---Bend Away Down Low---This Old House-- I'll Be Somewhere Listening---I'm Winging My Way Back Home-- Lord Build Me A Cabin---Wings Of A Dove---I Feel Like Traveling On-- Going Home---I Can Tell You The Time--Land Where Living Waters-- Flow---The Rainbow Of Love--

"Festival Of Songs"
Stock Num. HA5

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be--Sweet Peace---He'll Pilot Me-- The Farmer And The Lord---What A Precious Friend Is He--> Thank God I'm Reborn---Show Me The Way Oh Lord---- Hang A Light In The Window Of Your Heart-- Dear Jesus Abide With Me---Somebody Knows---- I Shall Not Be Moved---He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me

"I Saw A Man"
Stock Num. HA6

The Fourth Man---I Saw A Man---I've Been With Jesus-- He's Everywhere--Just For Today---Not My Will--- All Aboard---It's Different Now---Fling Wide The Gates--- Where Could I Go?---Walk In Jerusalem---We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles and Trials--

"Born To Serve The Lord"
Stock Num. HA7

Born To Serve The Lord---I Will Follow Thee--More About Jesus--
Because Jesus Said It---I Just Telephone Upstairs--Where We'll Never Grow Old---I Was There When It Happened--Way Out Yonder---Jesus Use Me---You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Road--- Jehovah My Jesus---Someday--

"There's A Light Guiding Me"
Stock HA8

I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now---For Thy Will I Pray---That Heavenly Home----The Answer's On The Way--- There Is A Change---Take The Hand Of The Lord--- I'm Too Near Home To Turn Back Now-- When I Inherit My Mansion---There's A Light Guiding Me--- Savior Gently Take Me Home----When Morning Comes--

"So Many Reasons"
Stock No. HA9

So Many Reasons, Just Over In The Glory-land, My Heart Is Reserved For The Lord---Walk With Me--- My Lord's Been So Good To Me---I'll Be Satisfied--- Talk About Jesus---The Gypsy Boy---The Old Rugged Cross I Shall Be At Home With Jesus---The Homecoming Week-- I Will Lean On His Arm--

"The Harvesters Live"
Stock No. HA10

I'll Fly Away---Down On My Knees--Above The Moon-- Mama Sang A Song--Surely I Will Lord--Every Time I Feel-- The Spirit---Bill's Airplane Ride (Bill Hefner speaking)-- Lift Me Up Above The Shadows---I Will Walk With His-- Hand In Mine--

"More Songs From The Original Harvesters"
Stock No. HA11

The Old Gospel Ship--That Will Be A Great Day-- I Have A Desire--God is Good--Lord I'm Coming Home-- I'll Be A Friend--Every Hour And Every Day-- I Just Telephone Upstairs--I Shall Not Be Moved-- To Know Him Is Everything---Up Above My Head--

"Presenting The Harvesters"
Stock No. HA12

Jesus Is Coming Soon--After All--Where Will You Be?-- Old Doc Brown--Jesus Paid It All--When The Redeemed Are Gathering In---Happy Tracks--Miracles Will Happen On That Day-- Let God Abide--Just Over In The Glory Land-- Jesus Hold My Hand--We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles--

"The Family Bible"
Stock No. HA13

1- The Family Bible  2- I Would Not Be Denied  3- Close To The Master-  4- I Love The Name Of Jesus  5- Beyond Compare 6- I'll Never Know  7- Gotta Go  8- Without Him   9- You Must Be Born Again  10- Sweet Jesus  11-Each Step I Take 12- Crystal River

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