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"Preach The Word"

Sermons By
Dr. Lee Roberson
(Former President of Tennessee Temple University)
(Presently serves as Chancellor)

Sermon Titles:


A Mother's Faith Matt.15:28  
Adventuring Faith Luke 5:4  
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Contending For The Faith Jude 3  
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Faith and Five Smooth Stones I Sam. 17:45  
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Faith For A New Year I Kings 17:16  
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Have Faith In God Mark 11:22  
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Little Faith and Hasty Answers Jn. 6:5-6  
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The Dynamite of Faith Mk. 11:22  
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The Shield of Faith Eph. 6:11  
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The Victory of Faith I Jn. 5:4-5  
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More Sermons To Follow !


  Sermon Starters From Dr. Roberson

All of these are new

Threee Keys to Spiritual Success    
Laughing at Hell Matt. 25:46  
Are You Different 2 Cor. 5:17  
A Letter to An Elect Lady 2 John 1:9  
The Unfailing Dectective Numb. 32:23  
The Temple of God I Cor. 3:16  
The Cost of Lving for God 2 Sam. 24:24  
Turning the World Upside Down Acts 17:6  
A Church's Most Dangerou Situation Isa. 29:13  
A Telling Religion Mark 5:19  
A One Man Finance Committee Mark 12:41  
The Saddest Day in the Christian's Future I Cor. 3:15  
Inside Jericho Joshua Chs.2-6  
Your Most Important Engagement Rom. 14:12  
Labor Trouble Matt. 9:37  
Paul's Spiritual Secret Acts 9:6  
Spoiled by Sin, Saved by Grace Jer. 18:4  
Time Eph. 5:16  
Shields of Brass 2 Chron. 12:10  
The Greatest Sin of Christians Mal. 1:18  
The Sin of Compromising Eph. 6:14  
The Abomination of Abominations Rev. 3:19  
The Way For Help Heb.4:12;Ja.1:22  
A Monument To Jesus Christ Jn. 12:21  
To His Own Place Acts 1:25  
The Anger of God Jud.10:7;Mal.3:8  
Power and Weakness of a Bible Church Rev.2:1-7  
The One Indispendible Prerequisite for Revival    
Building a Prayer Life Matt. 1:35  
Grieving The Holy Spirit Eph. 4:30  
Where Are You Going Jn. 10:37  
The Power of One Sinner Eccl.9:18  
How Good Is God? Nah. 1:7  
Standing Before God-Here and Hereafter I Kings 17:1  
If Jesus Were To Come Today Matt. 24:42  
Draw Near or Fail James 4:8  
Is This Revival? I Kings 18:39  
The Devil's Chief Enemy Eph. 6:11  
Is The Church A Rest Home? Acts 13:1  
Four Square Christians I Chron.12:8  
Life, A Prayer and a Death Acts 7:60  



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