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Responding To God’s Call

Read Isa.6:8-9. There you will find Isaiah responding in a favorable way to the call of God upon His life. When God calls us to do something for Him, we either respond in a positive or a negative way. We either say "yes" or "no." Has God dealt with you lately about something and you in turn have given a less than desirable reaction to that call? What a blessing to see that Isaiah had met God, he was ministered to by God, and was evidently mastered by God. The same should be true of all of you. Each one of us should have met God in salvation, been ministered to by God in communication, and be mastered by God through Holy Ghost domination. Let’s analyze this admirable response of the prophet to the divine call of God upon his life.

I. There Was A Willingness To Listen. Verse eight says he, "Heard the voice of the Lord." He would never had known what God wanted him to do had he stopped up his ears in rebellion and complacency to the sound of the voice of God. A definite contributor to success in my life and in yours is our willingness to listen to what God has to say (see Deut.28:1,2). God promises exaltation and blessings to those who will "hearken" unto His voice. Desire His voice and then detect His voice.

II. There Was A Readiness To Obey. He said in verse 8, "Here am I." Before one ever does anything for God, he must make himself available for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in his life. His obedience was immediate (no waiting period involved). It was also inclusive (willing to do whatever God told him to do). As well, it was important. God does not just speak to us just to have something to say. If He tells us to do something, it is of the utmost importance.

III. There Was A Needfulness To Go. The prophet of God said, "Send me" (v.8). Who was going to send him? The Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit of God (cp.vv.3 and 8). What two things made it necessary? First, the call of God . The Lord said, "Who will go for us (v.8)?" Secondly, the condition of men (v.9-10).

IV. There Was A Steadiness To Proclaim. How would the prophet proclaim the word? Faithfully, in spite of the spiritual problems of the people. We are to be- "steadfast" and "unmovable" (1 Cor. 15:58).

V. There Was A Trustfulness To Exercise. In verse 12 and 13 God promises a remnant, although most would be wiped out.

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