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Why I Keep Moving Forward

The Apostle Paul says in Phil.3:14, "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." When he refers to going "toward" he implies progress or moving forward. It is so easy to "let up" or to have a "spiritual blowout" on the highways we travel in this life. When you spiritually have a flat on the highway of life take time to stop and let the Lord "fix you up" so you can move on for Him and for His glory. Sometimes the way may seem hard, the nights seem long, and our troubles seem many, but we must keep moving on in the things of God. There is certainly nothing to turn back to—the most important things await us and are yet future. Why can I keep moving forward in spite of difficulties, obstacles, and troubles? I offer several things to you that God reminded me of recently. Note the following five things that move me forward.

I. My Savior Is In Me. Since Jesus permanently indwells every believer, there is never a moment that I am alone. He promised to never leave me nor forsake me (Heb.13:5). His presence should sweeten our spirits, stabilize our living, and stimulate our growth. Thank God that standing somewhere in the shadows we find Christ.

II. My Sins Are Behind Me. What a joy to know that our sins are forgiven (Eph.4:32). The word basically means a "pardon". We have pardoned someone when we release or absolve him from his liability to suffer punishment. Because we are born of God, we do not have to suffer the penalty for our sins–Jesus paid for them at the cross. Then are both forgiven and forgotten.

III. His Spirit Empowers Me. Could you imagine living in this world with all of its temptations and trials, void of the power of God? We can be strong in Him (Eph.6:10). First there must be emptiness, then there can be the experience and expression of God’s fullness.

IV. My Hope Motivates Me. Hope in us is that which gives us a confident expectation in regard to the future. Hope looks forward to a recognition (Savior and the saints), a reaping and a rest.

V. The Saints Are Cheering Me. The Bible says there is rejoicing in the presence of God over one sinner that repents (Lk.15:10). Since that is so, it indicates there is a degree of awareness in heaven about events on earth. In heaven they cheer us to keep on for God.




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