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"Preach The Word"

Don’t Give Up, Back Up, Or Shut Up!

Text: Ex.14:13-28–esp. v.15 "Move forward"


In the verse before us Israel was being pursued by the armies and chariots of Pharaoh. God knew what Pharaoh would do and every move he would make. God knew just what to do that Israel might be delivered from cruel Pharaoh. In front of them was the Red Sea, behind them was the pursuing host of Pharaoh.

God made sure that in spite of Pharaoh and his host, the children of Israel could go on into the land of victory.

There is victory for us if we will face the new year with the attitude we are not going to give up, back up, shut up, but move forward in the will and purposes of God.

What does moving forward involve?


It is so easy to give in to "unbelief." Unbelief says "God can’t" but faith says "God can."

    A. Faith Anchored In His Word

    B. Faith Anchored In His Works

    C. Faith Anchored In His Willingness


The most important thing is not whether we are pleasing men, but are we pleasing God. We want His smile as we go into the new year.

There are several things that living seeking to please man involves. Here are three things characteristic of living to please others rather than the Lord.

THE FEAR OF MAN: cp. Luke 12:5

     A. It Is Dangerous- "fear of man..bringeth a snare"- Prov. 29:25

     B. It Is Deadly- It will deaden you zeal for God. It will stop bold            efforts for the Lord.

     C. It Is Degrading–makes you look like you are not very smart if             pleasing man is more important to you than pleasing God.


Israel could go forward because God was going to help them and give them a strength above and beyond themselves. You can endure adversity and trouble with courage through the strength and power of God.

       A. To Serve- Psm. 118:13 - "the Lord helped me."

       B. To Speak- Acts 4:31-"spake word...with boldness."

       C. To Sing- Ills.-Paul and Silas in jail at Phillipi (Acts 16)


      A. He Perceives The Future (Ps. 1:6)- Knows the way of the              righteous

      B. He Plans For Our Future (Phil. 4:19)

      C. He Provides In Our Future (Matt. 6:33) (Deut.2:7)


      A. Spiritual Fellowship

      B. Sustained Fellowship

      C. Sweet Fellowship


Never go backward but ever move on forward to do God’s will for your life. It can be found in the Bible. You can make it all the way without giving up, backing up, or shutting up.

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