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Three Wise Resolutions


Text: "Therefore, I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation :my God will hear me" (Micah 7:7).

This was a time when God's people were as sheep among the wolves. Princes were doing evil. Judges, like Pilate did, could declare in a breath that the accused was innocent and yet condemned. Treachery was found in every home.There was betrayal on every hand and there seemed to be no help for them in man.

As a result the eye of faith turned to the Lord alone. They knew that God would not fail them.

You are wise if you adopt the three following resolutions.

I. A Resolution of Faith- "I will look."

A. Promises encourage me.

B. Experience teaches me.

C. The Lord commands me.

D. Looking comforts me.

II. A Resolution of Patience- "I will wait."

Why should we wait?

A. God's time is best.

B. God's blessings are worth waiting for.

C. God will not disappoint us.

III. A Resolution of Confidence "My God will hear me."

A. He will hear me though my cry is feeble.

B. He will hear me though my faith is weak.

C. He will hear me though my request is great.

D. He will hear me though others may dislike me.

E. He will hear me when I am alone.

Though few are really calling upon the Lord, what a joy
to know that my God is near and that "My God will hear

Wise resolutions will be beneficial results in your person life and in your relationship with the Lord.


Sermon from Tom Walker
(Founder PC Org. Inc.)

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