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"Preach The Word"

  1. Our Unseen World
    Sermon #3 in Unseen Things Series

(1 Cor. 2:9-16)

Intro: There are all kinds of worlds in this auditorium right now. For instance, if we had a radio, we could experience the electronic world. With a microscope, we could discover that the germ world is very near. Holding a telescope out a side door, we could see the astronomical world.

There is also a spiritual realm, a divine sphere, an unseen world present right now. This holy arena is for the saints, and can be a vital part of our daily living.

1. Examining The Unseen World

*It is unseen, but some "things" are described in this division

A. It is a divine world - v.9 "prepared"; v.10 "things of God"

B. It is a deep world - v.10 '.deep"=of depth; Spirit searched!

C. It is a discoverable world - v. 10 "But"; v.1 1-14 "discerned"

*We are not limited to the material sphere! Another world!

2. Entering The Unseen World

*The Holy Ghost brings us into this spiritual sphere.

A. The Spirit is the Conductor - v.10 "revealed"

B. The Spirit is the Coordinator - v.10-12 "searcheth"; "of God"

C. The Spirit is the Communicator - v.13 "teacheth"

*Only Eliezer could bring Rebekkah to his master's world

3. Experiencing The Unseen World

*Illus. We are like a radio/To experience this world:

A. We must be turned on - regeneration; conversion

B. We must be tuned in - right frequency; other stations?

C. We must be toned up or down - grumbling or whining?

*We can get in, get in on all, & enjoy all God is doing!

Concl: Elijah is a type of Christ; Elisha is a type of the believer. The mantle is a type of the Holy Spirit. Using his mantle, Elijah took Elisha out of one world into another world. Elisha experienced the divine, and by the same mantle, brought that world back into his world. May this be our experience, as well.

Sermon By Evangelist Tom Hayes-
Saluda, NC-USA

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