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It’s Been Worth Every Mile of The Trip


Acts 20:17-24


In the scripture that I have read, Paul is in Miletus. While he was there he sent to Ephesus for the elders of the church to come. If Paul had gone to Ephesus to them they would not have let him go because they loved him so much. Paul had a journey that he had to make and did not want held up in any way. There was something that he had to do for God, and he wanted to get at doing what God had impressed him to do. They came near to him and he begins to tell them and recount some former days with them. He had sought to stand by them and had nothing to be ashamed of in his life.

They knew that Paul had come among them to do well and to do good. Paul was always the same all the time. He did not change with the weather or turn with the wind.

He had made it his business to serve the Lord, to promote the honour of God and the interest of Christ and his kingdom among them. He never served himself, nor made himself a servant of men, of their lusts and humours, nor was he a time-server; but he made it his business to serve the Lord. In his ministry, in his whole conversation, he proved himself what he wrote himself, Paul a servant of Jesus Christ, <Rom. 1:1>.

Paul was genuine and he began to tell them some of the ways that he had served them. For some time, Paul had dedicated himself to the church at Ephesus. So many preachers get restless go move to another location, when God is not through with them where they are. Paul stuck by Ephesus!

1. He served with humility of mind-

2. He served with many tears v.19

3. He had many temptations but kept serving through them all.

We do not have it rough at all today when compared to the Apostle Paul.

I am sure when it came time to die and Paul said his last farewell that swelling up in his heart was the truth, it has been worth every mile of the trip. The Christian life was no easy path for Paul, but he didn’t regret one ship he had boarded, one miles he had walked, one bit of persecution that he served--He didn’t regret a thing that he had done for God. That is the way it should be with you and with me.

What Makes it worth it?

I. The Joy of Doing the Will of God

When I got saved there was a desire put in my soul to do the will of God.

There is a part of me and of you that struggles against that, but what a joy to do God’s will.

II. The Joy of Seeing Someone Saved

If you see some saved then you will surely say it has been worth living for God.

III. The Joy of Others Thanking You For Staying True to the Gospel.

IV. The Joy Of Anticipating A Rewarding Day

God is going to reward us for faithful service at the Judgement Seatof Christ. That is the judgment where believers will stand.

Lost will stand at the Great White Throne of Rev. 20.


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