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"Preach The Word"

New Year's Sermons

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What You Can't Afford To Leave Off         Psm.36:1-3

Leverage In Praying For A Longer Life    Isa. 38:1-9

Glad Tidings In 1998     Rom. 10:13-15

A Most Comforting Thought For The New Year
"Jesus Cares"

Resolve For The New Year  Psm.119

Don’t Give Up, Back Up, Or Shut Up!- Ex.14:13-28

May God Give To You A Blessed
& Wonderful New Year!

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God's Plan For Victory---Joshua 6:2

The Presence of the Unchanging Christ---Heb. 13:5

The Presence of the Lord in 1998---Ex. 33:14

Several Needs For 1998---Phil. 4:8-9

A New You In '98'---Rom.8

Living In The Sunshine All Year Long--Jude 20-23

Some Things Not Shaken In '98'---Heb.12:27

How To Start The New Year---Phil. 3

A Cry For The Supernatural in '98'---Ex.3:7,19,20

What You Can Expect In The Coming Year--Ex.3:4

Perhaps This Year--I Thess. 4
Seven Things For A New Year--2Cor.5:17
A New Beginning--Gen.13:1-18;14:1-21
Going Forward--Josh. 3:1-17
Lamps On The Highway Of Life--Matt.5:16
It's Time To Take Inventory--Job 16:19

Whom Will You Serve In The Coming Year
Josh. 24:14,24

Living Daily In The New Year--Ps.61:8


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